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To put the user as the centre of the design process we first need to understand them, we need to get answers to important questions.

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Our professional and experienced team designs software user interfaces, be it for applications being developed by Aakuna, or for our clients who wish to implement the designs and guidance into their own software.

UX, which is short for ‘User Experience’, plays an important part in designing software. Put simply, it is the way a user interacts with a piece of software or app, and how they feel when interacting with it.

The application designers were clearly very knowledgeable. They understood our requirements and we felt we could trust their judgement, and that they had the experience to design what we and our clients needed from scratch.

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Industry: Commercial Cleaning

Few key solutions


Business Automation System

Business automation, also referred to as business process automation, harnesses technology to streamline and mechanise various processes and functions within an organisation.

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CRM/ERP System

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology-driven approach to effectively manage and oversee all interactions and relationships between a company and its existing customers as well as prospective ones.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method of providing applications and software solutions via the Internet, offered as a service. Rather than installing and managing software on your local hardware, you can conveniently access and use these applications online.

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eBusiness Solutions

E-commerce website development encompasses the procedures involved in designing and constructing online platforms that empower businesses to market and sell their products or services over the internet.

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Digital Strategies


The process of enhancing your website's visibility in search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, and others, whenever individuals search for the products you offer or the services you provide is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

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Drive digital technology for business outcomes

  • UI/UX Design consists of a series of processes in which the user’s tasks, role, function, technology requirements, demographics and other needs are carefully considered at each stage of the software design.
To put the user as the centre of the design process we first need to understand them, we need to get answers to important questions, such as, What tasks they need to complete, and in what order of importance and frequency?, Where do they work from and what devices do they use?, What are their frustrations with any relevant existing software?
In a UX workshop, our Architects and Designers create mind maps with the users. First, we discover the different end-user functions that the software must cater for. Once the functions are known we create personas for each function and then list the tasks in order of importance that each persona will need to carry out when using the software.
Our UX Designers and Software Architects will create an interactive prototype for the software using Axure RP (Rapid Prototyping). Building the prototype page by page is a cost-effective way of understanding the software structure and allows us to walk through the user journeys for each task relevant to each user persona.
Visual Design plays an important part in the User Centred Design process. A good quality software product not only needs to be appealing to the eye but each element must have the right amount of prominence according to its own importance, guiding the user without them needing to think about where to click or type.

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Are you looking for a bespoke software/application development for your business? Our experts can create bespoke applications, platforms and products to meet the requirements of your business.